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What does it take to transform someone headed for the streets at age 14 into a world-class entertainer who’s dazzled audiences both on stages and across national television in Canada, the United States and most recently, Italy? If you’ve had the good fortune to witness Daniel Paulin – a.k.a. hypnotist/illusionist/mentalist “Danny Zzzz” – in action, you’d know all it takes is a little magic!

The truth is, Daniel Paulin’s evolution into a successful master magician, illusionist and in-demand purveyor of mind-blowing comedy hypnosis shows has less to do with magic and more to do with hard work, determination and his unyielding will to overcome fear at every turn. Rising from the adversity of a broken home that left him fending for himself as a young teen, Daniel began assembling the foundational building blocks of his career, first as a labourer, then as a musician, and eventually as a renowned tattoo artist and owner of a successful group of tattoo shops. Despite his early success in business, Daniel had dreams of success on a bigger stage, and he fearlessly jumped into an broadcast career as “Danimal,” the on-air host and producer with legendary Southern Ontario rock station 97.7 HTZ-FM.

An obsession with magic and a fascination with the power of the subconscious mind inspired Daniel’s current career choice. As renowned illusionist and hypnotist Danny Zzzz, the performer has competed on Chris Angel’s “Phenomena” series, earned a deal on Dragon’s Den, wowed audiences from Disney World to Las Vegas and, most recently, completed a dizzying, death-defying escape on Italy’s nationally televised “Tu Si Que Vales” talent show. In total, Daniel has performed over 4,000 shows across North America, where he inspires individuals and family audiences with his positive message of overcoming fear and adversity by believing in yourself. That’s the true magic of Danny Zzzz.

            Hang around with me!

Hang around with me!