There are a lot of entertainers in the world trying to impress audiences with their talents. Very few of them can leave an entire auditorium awestruck, amazed and maybe even a little dumbfounded the way master illusionist and comedy hypnotist Danny Zzzz can. Delivering a unique and original combination of humour, mentalism, comedy magic and mind-blowing comedy hypnosis, the Danny Zzzz LIVE show is a high-energy evening of hilarious entertainment featuring one of the world’s most versatile and accomplished stage performers.

Presented with high calibre precision and “Vegas-level” production, a Danny Zzzz show offers family-friendly content built on gut-busting, laugh-out-loud demonstrations of magic and illusion, sleight-of-hand trickery, and mind-bending hypnosis. No two shows are ever the same, as unwitting audience members join Danny in bringing a distinct flavour to each evening’s performance. Then again, no one ever leaves a Danny Zzzz show without being transformed in some fashion, usually from a skeptic into a true believer in his hypnotic wizardry.

Beginning with a variety of close-up magic tricks and unbelievable feats of mentalism, Danny Zzzz draws you under his spell with laughter and a high degree of “how did he do that” wonder. With the mood set and the pace quickening, the master manipulator launches into his laugh-a-minute comedy hypnosis spectacle using audience volunteers, demonstrating the power of the subconscious mind in a riotous romp that leaves everyone in tears and begging for more. Signature Danny Zzzz routines such as “Can’t Stop Clapping”, “Secret Agent Man”, “I’m Too Sexy”, “Human Pillows” and the always hilarious “Electric Handshake” ensure the night is full of the kind of uproarious laughter that keeps fans coming back again and again.

If it’s death-defying thrill that you’re looking for, Danny Zzzz has recently expanded his repertoire to include incredible escapism. Don’t be surprised if you encounter Danny shackled in chains, tied in sacks locked inside a crate, and dangling 10 stories over the stage. When it comes to entertainment, there’s no limit to what Danny Zzzz is willing to do!

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Comedy Hypnosis Show

Why do Danny Zzzz fans return to see his show time and time again? It’s because each and every comedy hypnosis performance is a mind-blowing experience that leaves audience members in both a state of disbelief and total exhaustion from enduring non-stop laughter.

No two comedy hypnosis shows are ever alike, because the audience is the show. Danny Zzzz begins each performance with a variety of tests and interactions designed to engage the audience and put even the most skeptical members as ease about the possibility of being hypnotized. This interaction helps demystify any preconceptions people may have about what hypnosis is and why stepping up to volunteer to be part of the show is a safe decision.

What happens next is something you truly have to see to believe – watching Danny Zzzz demonstrate the power of hypnosis and how it can be applied to willing minds in hilarious, outrageous fashion. A Danny Zzzz show is a kinetic, high-energy laugh-fest, as audience members brought to the stage fall under his spell one by one, quickly transforming into a celebrity cast of characters including James Bond 007, Clint Eastwood, Oprah Winfrey and The Village People.

Is hypnosis real? Trying asking that question after witnessing the magic of seeing Danny Zzzz, live on stage.




Comedy Magic

There is nothing more magical than a performance that engages your imagination while inspiring a sense of awe and wonder. Danny Zzzz is a professional entertainer who uses the power of comedy to enhance amazing feats of magic. It’s a rip-roaringly hilarious combination that continues to wow audiences the world over. 

A Danny Zzzz comedy magic show isn’t just contained to the parametres of the stage. When you find yourself in the audience, you might just get convinced to become an unwitting part of the show. Using a combination of close-up magic and sleight-of-hand trickery, Danny Zzzz can turn your hands into a platform for amazing feats of unbelievable comedy magic. It’s a fast-paced performance you need to watch closely, because every minute is packed with activity that will blow your mind as quickly as it will make you laugh out loud.

At every turn, Danny Zzzz draws you under his magic spell with laughter and a high degree of “how did he do that” amazement. With his signature high-energy deliver and his well-honed comic timing, Danny Zzzz delivers a uniquely crafted comedy magic show that appeals to families and people of all ages.

There’s no rabbits, nothing hidden up his sleeve, no hokey hocus pocus. A Danny Zzzz comedy magic show is simply about one thing: having fun.


Mentalism - Let me into your mind

A random volunteer is pulled from the audience. Through a series of questions and actions, that volunteer helps craft a concrete, air-tight, fully witnessed answer for the entire audience.  Through the power of mentalism, Danny Zzzz then does something entirely awe-inspiring: he reveals a predication made before the show that matches the volunteer’s answer. A wave of blown minds starts sweeping through the audience. Danny Zzzz has just won over a new group of fans.

Incredible feats of mentalism takes the Danny Zzzz live show to heights not often reached by comedy performers. Unlocking the power of the subconscious mind, Danny demonstrates his mastery in executing and revealing unbelievable predictions. These are the elements of his show that leave every single audience asking the same question: how is that even possible. If he’s reading your mind, be careful what it is you’re thinking!

Danny’s attempts to raise the bar on mentalism performances was the thing that attracted the attention of NBC’s Phenomenon, a show that sought to discover the world’s greatest professional mentalist. Participating in that show was the catalyst that helped Danny Zzzz find world-wide success. Don’t miss your chance to see Danny in action – there’s nothing more entertaining than being amazed!




Escape artist

Escape Artistry

If truth be told, none of us can ever escape death. On the other hand, doing something that puts your life in the hands of fate for the purpose of entertaining audiences is no way to avoid it. For more than a decade, Danny Zzzz has been catering to the appetites of people who love the thrill of watching death-defying feats – and thankfully, he’s lived to tell about it.

In his latest escape, for example, Danny travelled to Rome in 2018 to appear on Italy’s nationally-televised Tu Si Que Vales talent show. All he did was lock himself in shackles, climb into a burlap sack, lock himself in a secure crate, and elevate himself to a 10 story perch high above the televised audience. When the crate came crashing to the ground, both the hosts and audience gasped in horror -- only to be relieved when Danny Zzzz appeared dangling from the crane hook high in the air.

Whether it’s trapped in a straight jacket while hanging from a helicopter, shackled and immersed in a barrel full of ice-water, driving blind-folded along a highway or bound and locked inside some claustrophobic space, Danny Zzzz continues to defy the odds by completing successful escapes from the most precarious situations. If you find yourself in an audience, you won’t need a whole seat – just the edge.  Watch at your own peril, but make sure you get your heart checked before you come! 

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