Does the Danny Zzzz show work clean?

All our shows are clean content and corporate friendly. We cater our programs to all ages, all genders and race. There are no sexual innuendos or vulgarity in any of our shows.

What size audience does Danny Zzzz entertain?

Danny Zzzz will work for any size audience. An individual that needs a smile to audiences of 10,000. The Danny Zzzz show has provided quality programs for both - and every number between!

Do i need to provide a sound system?

Danny Zzzz arrives with staff and his "turn key" program. The Danny Zzzz show provides its own sound system and supporting staff to ensure the highest amount of entertainment and the lowest amount of work - for you!

Has he ever missed a show?

In over 15 years and over 4000 shows worldwide, Danny Zzzz has never missed a show. We recognize that there are always weather and travel issues. Family problems and even death. The Danny Zzzz show has been fortunate to avoid all of these and make it to his programs - it's like he's a mentalist and can predict the future. Weird.....

Can I get logos or pictures to promote?

We have in house staff and designers that can provide you with all of those - and in most cases - ready for print files and promotional materials.  

Will he travel for a show?

Absolutely - Danny Zzzz and his staff will travel world wide to make your program fantastic!